Improving mental and emotional wellbeing for children and the world around them

Held in Mind is an accessible, ethical therapeutic service tailored to the individual mental and emotional needs of children, their families and their schools in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area.

We are committed to 3 core principles:

Children do not grow up alone

Lasting therapeutic change comes from meaningful relationships and effective partnership with other people in their world.

Every child, family and community is unique

Effective therapeutic input needs to be tailored and flexible to meet individual need.

High quality therapy should be accessible

This means quality assured therapy is affordable and easy to get to.

How we help

Individual therapy sessions provide a confidential space where children can make sense of difficult, frightening or traumatic experiences and process them in a healthier way.

Groupwork with Children and Adults

Therapeutic groups can offer a structured and predictable space where feelings and experiences can be shared and understood in an emotionally safe way. 

Group work is well documented to enable peer support, build empathy and reduce feelings of isolation

Family Therapy is particularly helpful when the emotional or psychological distress the children experience is related to difficulties in their home lives, such as conflict in relationships between parents or other family members or unresolved past family trauma.

These sessions offer parents and carers a confidential space, separate to any work within the schools, to reflect on and process their own emotional and psychological difficulties and distress.

All our therapists are experienced in working with the professional networks around children, especially school and social care staff.

The therapists can offer regular slots to school staff and professionals to help them think through any challenges they may be experiencing with the children and families they work with and support.

Our core work is ideally carried out via a School Partnership. Each school has had their own highly qualified and experienced therapist who, over time, builds up a meaningful relationship with staff at that school.

This relationship is key in enabling honest and reflective conversations about the children and families mental health difficulties but also staff’s own experience and struggles in helping and teaching them.

Access to this service has turned my mental health around. I feel like I am a more competent, less distracted parent for my child. I am so grateful to Held in Mind for giving me access to such a skilled counselling service. My child has benefitted from this service by having a primary carer who was able to be more patient and supportive for her needs, as the sessions left me feeling more empowered, able to cope and lower stress levels.
‘It helped with concentrating and not worrying about things so much, so things seem better’
Our child’s therapist has given us various techniques and even wording to help respond to our little boy when he's having troubles, and one technique in particular really worked one morning when we were struggling to get him to school - which meant after a very challenging morning he went into school quite happily and ended up having a good day...! Absolute result as far as we were concerned!

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